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  • This elastic ring combines the natural beauty of freshwater pearls with the modern touch of stainless steel beads, resulting in a unique and eye-catching piece of jewellery.

    The elastic band ensures a comfortable and secure fit, adapting effortlessly to different finger sizes. Its flexibility allows for easy wear and removal, making it convenient for everyday use or special occasions.


    Beads available in Steel or Gold (Stainless steel)


    Every piece is carefully selected.


    Fresh water pearl are natural pearls, it may be a small difference between them and that makes every piece unique and special.


    It is a genuine product, handmade in Broome Western Australia.



    • Material: Fresh water pearl+ Elastic+ Stainless steel
    • Pearl size: 3-4 mm
    • Beads: Stainless steel (Gold or Steel option)
    • Ring size: One size
    • Waterproof

    Goldie Ring- Stretch

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