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Jewellery Care

Most of the Coni's Creations Jewellery is waterproof and tarnish free, however is important to care handmade pieces in order or keep them in excellent condition:

  • Although our jewellery is water friendly, we always recommend to avoid contact with swimming pools, spas and saunas.

  • If you swim wearing your jewellery on swimming pool, ocean, etc, we highly recommended to wash them in fresh water and dry properly.

  • Avoid the direct and excessive contact with chemicals, like parfums, sunscreen, oil, cosmetic, etc. Try to apply them before wear your jewellery.

  • As delicate jewellery can break, we recommend taking your jewellery off during any exercise or vigorous activities. 

  • Storage your jewellery in a dry bag when not in use. 

  • With every order Coni's Creations will include a silver polishing cloth. Keep this cloth safe as it will keep your new additions clean and shiny. A silver polishing cloth can be used whenever you're wanting to give the piece a clean. 

  • Please keep in mind pieces can break if you are not careful with your jewellery.


Refunds will be given where appropriate for faulty items, not for carelessness with your piece.

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