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about me

Hi there :)
I'm Coni, the girl behind all these beautiful jewellery pieces. 
I'm originally from Chile but have now located myself in the colourful and amazing town of Broome in Western Australia.

Back in 2020, being so in love with my Broomie life, I decided to follow my dreams and start this project called "Coni's Creations", inspired in the Kimberleys, the ocean and it's magical colours.

Coni's Creations is all about original handmade jewellery and accessories. I use seashells, freshwater pearls, crystals, beads and macrame in most of my work. Each piece is carefully selected, designed and made by myself. 

I am very happy and excited to share my creations with all of you and I also feel very grateful for all the positive feedback I've been receiving about my work, it means the world to me so thank you very much for visiting my page and supporting me and my art.

With love, 

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